Beware of the Crooks-Fix My Furnace- Who Should I Call?


There is no worse feeling of hopelessness than not knowing who to call when your furnace breaks on a cold night. Let me give you some pointers about whom to call.

You must be aware that many companies are just looking to sell you a new furnace whether you need it or not. They look at every failed furnace as an opportunity to sell a new one even if repair is a valid option. Stay away from these companies!!

Other companies will fix anything even if replacement is the better option. This will allow you to throw out good money repairing a furnace that should be replaced. Stay away from these companies!!

In my next entry, Iwill show you how to decide between replacement or repair.

So how do I know which company is a predator and who cares to do what’s best for me?

The first thing I would do is go to Homestars Website and search for a company. This website allows consumers to leave reviews about their experience with a contractor. It is a great resource for homeowners just like you to find good people to work in your home. I urge you to visit Homestars whenever you need anything done in your home and I urge you to return the courtesy to future seekers and leave your own review on any contractor that you use.


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