Buying A New Furnace – Which Furnace Is For Me?


Now that you have decided to take the plunge and buy a new furnace, there are many questions to answer and decisions to make.

What brand should I buy?

How important is the installer of my system?

What kind of warranties are available?

How do I know which contractor to use and if he will do a good job?

Which features do I need?

What efficiency do I need and what do the numbers mean?

What size furnace do I need?

Are there rebates available? What are they?

What does ECM mean?

What does condensing mean?

Why is airflow important?

Must I change my ducts?

What choice do I have in thermostats?

Should I consider changing my air conditioner now?

I am concerned about indoor air quality. Are there products that will improve the air quality in my home and protect my family?

Do I need a humidifier?

What are my choices when I select a humidifier?

What type of filter should I buy?

What is an air cleaner?

What is a UV sanitizer?

In the next posts, I will answer these questions one by one. Please feel free to send in more questions if you have any.


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