The Dangers Of Radon-CANCER


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After months of training, today I wrote a 2 hour exam on Radon testing. This exam ensures that a Radon Tester is fully familiar with all the risks of Radon and how to properly test for it so that we can be sure to identify all the risks and degree of exposure on behalf of our customers. In the US, all schools and federal facilities are tested and mitigated. It is now the norm in the US for any buyer of a home to condition their offer to purchase any home on the condition of a maximum of 4 pc/l of radon in the home. All homes are tested to ensure these low levels and are mitigated if higher levels are found.

Case Control Study of Lung
Cancer Risk from Residential
Radon Exposure in
Worcester County, Massachusetts
Dr. Donald F. Nelson
Professor Emeritus at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

A recent epidemiological study, conducted by Dr. Donald Nelson and his colleagues at Worcester Polytechnic Institute suggested that the risk of radon at exposures less than 4.0 pCi/L may not agree with the assumption of a linear-no-threshold model. In fact, their data suggests there may be a beneficial effect in reducing radon related lung cancer risk at exposures less than 4.0 pCi/L. Their findings have sparked a lot of discussion in the radon industry about the impact of this study. Listen in on an interview with Dr. Nelson regarding his team’s methodology and how these results may be used in increasing our understanding of the health effects of radon.

Please visit this link to an interview with Dr. Nelson


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