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Although Health Canada has identified Radon as a danger and has recommended testing and mitigation, there is no Certification Program in Canada for Radon Testing and Mitigation. At this time the only fully recognized training and certification program available is through NEHA (National Environmental Health Association) and is called NRPP (National Radon Proficiency Program)

The NEHA National Radon Proficiency Program is the leading certification program for radon professionals in North America. We’re pleased to note that our program was officially deemed equivalent to the USEPA’s certification program in 2001. Since then, through the professional efforts of the National Environmental Health Association and the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, and the independent oversight of both an independent Policy Advisory Board and Education Advisory Board, consisting of 16 public and private sector officials, educators, practitioners and well respected scientists, the NRRP program has grown into the largest body of radon professionals anywhere in the world. The NEHA-NRPP program is also supported administratively through both the staff of the American Association of Radon Scientist’s and independent scientists and technical advisors who serve on the AARST Technical and Science committee.


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