Health Canada Recommendation for Radon Test


The following is an excerpt from Health Canada regarding the best type of radon test to do.

“Since the radon concentration inside a home varies over time, measurements gathered over a longer period of time are generally considered to give a more accurate picture of the radon exposure. Health Canada recommends that homes be tested for a minimum of three months, ideally during the winter months as the radon concentrations are usually representative at this time.”

In the United States, most homes are tested for radon as a condition of the sale of a home. A sales could not possibly wait for the results of a 3 month test so Real Estate Transaction tests are 48 hours. Since 2 days is hardly enough to get a good reading of the radon in a home, this 2 day test must be done under “Closed House Conditions” I will tell you about that in my next posting. You might want to visit the Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon from the EPA.


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