Radon-The Real Culprits


The radioactive decay process that leads to the creation of radon does not stop. This causes the radon to decay into several radioactive elements called radon decay products. These decay products are made up of different forms of polonium, lead and bismuth.

Unlike radon, which is a gas, the radon decay products produced from radon are solid particles. These particles become suspended in the air when they are formed from the decaying radon gas. These particles are extremely small and cannot be seen.

Because they are extremely small particles, radon decay products are easily inhaled and can attach to lung tissue. They have very short “half-lives” which means that they will decay relatively quickly after they are formed. In fact, if they are inhaled, they will decay in the lungs before the lungs have an opportunity to clean themselves.
It is the radon decay products that actually present the health risk associated with radon gas.


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