Radon- KEEP OUT!!


The best way to avoid the dangers of Radon lurking in your home is to prevent the Radon from getting into your house in the first place. To do this, we must understand how its infiltrates your home and stop it in its tracks.

Buildings are typically at a lower pressure than the surrounding air and soil. This causes radon and other soil gases to be drawn into the building.

There are several reasons why this occurs. One cause is the effect that exhaust fans have when removing air from a building. When air is exhausted, outside air enters the building to replace it. Much of this replacement air comes in from the underlying soil.

Radon EntryWhen interior temperatures are higher than outside temperatures, thermal effects occur inside of the building. Just as warm air causes a balloon to rise because the surrounding air is cool, warm air rises within a building and is displaced by cold, dense outside air. Some of the outside air, which is displacing and replacing the interior air, comes from the soil.

Whenever air enters a building from underneath, radon will most likely come in as well if radon is present in the underlying soil.


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