The Great Radon Bypass


Active Soil Depressurization is the best way to mitigate radon because it allows all the radon in the soil beneath your home to bypass your house into the air above your home where it will be harmless.

Active soil depressurization (ASD) has proven to be a very cost-effective and reliable technique for radon reduction. ASD systems collect the radon from beneath the building before it can enter. The systems can be simple or complex depending upon the design of the building. Operating costs of the system fans are modest, due to their low power consumption (typically less than 90 watts per fan).

The system draws the radon-laden soil gas from beneath the foundation and exhausts it outside of the building, far enough away from windows and other openings that it will not reenter. The system typically consists of a plastic pipe connected to the soil either through a hole in a slab floor, through a sump lid connection, or beneath a plastic sheet in a crawl space. Attached to the pipe is a quiet, continuously operating fan that discharges the radon outdoors.

Please check out this video on how the ASD system is installed.


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