Is it time to buy a new high efficiency air conditioner?


As reported on the Green Energy Efficient Homes website, If your unit is more than ten years old, or cycles rapidly when in use (on / off / on off), it is probably time to buy a new energy saving air conditioner, as efficiency standards for air conditioning systems keep increasing, and you will probably save more than 20% on your electricity bill by upgrading to an energy saving air conditioner. If your central air conditioning system is more than ten years old, it may have been oversized at the time of installation, as installing oversized units was once common practice. An oversized unit, it turns out, is much less efficient than one slightly undersized for the area being cooled, so even if modern air conditioning systems weren’t more efficient on average than 10-year-old units of the same BTU output, you could wind up saving money by upgrading. To see if your unit is oversized, ask an HVAC contractor to check its BTU rating for you and to do a sizing on your house to determine whether it was oversized.


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