2 People Arrested For Entering Sewer System in Toronto


Do you know that there are huge networks of sewers deep under most big cities. Many movies have been filmed in underground sewers showing dramatic chases. There are some “explorers” who venture into these underground cities to photograph and map these hidden treasures and display them on their blogs and websites. The only problem is that entering these areas are illegal and dangerous and these explorers often get arrested or even risk their lives as they drop down 30 feet or more by a rope through small openings on top of these sewers.

Michael Cook, 27, of Toronto, and Andrew Emond, 35, of Montreal were arrested Sunday after a perplexed citizen saw them enter the sewer near Ossington Ave. and Dundas St. W. Both face charges of mischief to interfere with property.

Both men are urban explorers and photographers. Cook runs http://www.vanishingpoint.ca/tailrace.html, and Emond runs http://www.undermontreal.com/. Both have explored drains for several years and most recently, the men were exploring the sewers that replaced Garrison Creek, in the western section of downtown.

Isn’t it interesting what people find amusing these days. With fears of terrorism, these types of escapades can cause a lot of fear and anxiety in our citizens.

Check out the entire article in The Toronto Star.


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