Geothermal Woes


Recently, I’ve been discussing  the problems with some geothermal installations that I have encountered and that have been reported in The Toronto Star. I noticed that many of these jobs that underperform, have properly installed geothermal systems. The problem with them is that the distribution of the heat in the home was not designed or installed properly. This is particularly a problem with radiant heat. Most geothermal contractors do not have the expertise to design and install a proper hydronic radiant system. Those who attempt to do the hydronic installation meet with disaster every time. Even those who call in radiant experts for the radiant portion also run into problems. This is because the hydronic radiant contractors don’t realize that a geothermal system operates differently than a hydronic system supplied by a gas boiler. A hydronic system using geothermal as the heat source must be designed and installed differently. If you are planning to use hydronic heat with a geothermal system, you must make sure that your contractor understands and has experience with hydronic and how to combine these technologies. When done correctly, this is the most efficient and comfortable system in existence. When done wrong, DISASTER!


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