Geothermal – Forced Air – Does your contractor know his stuff?


Another major problem I often run into, especially in the retrofit market is ductwork that is not compatible with the newly installed geothermal system. Geothermal systems requires ductwork that is much larger than the duct that was previously serving the furnace and air conditioner that has been replaced. Most geothermal contractors have little or no understanding of how to design a duct system. If a duct system is inadequate to support the new geothermal heat pump, you will get excessive noise and popping sounds in your duct system. Even worse, your system will lose much of its efficiency. Does your geothermal contractor know how to read the complex performance charts in the engineering guide of the geothermal unit? Does he/she know that the performance of your system is greatly affected by the airflow capacity of your duct system? Does your contractor know how to size and design your duct system to ensure the proper CFM? (CFM = cubic feet of air per minute) Does your contractor know that the code requires 10′ of acoustically lined duct on either side of the unit and flexible duct connectors to reduce the noise and vibration transmitted through your duct system all over your home?

If your contractor cannot explain all these details to you confidently, you are probably headed for disaster? If you have any questions about any of my posts, please contact me any time. All my contact information is available on my Homestars page so please check it out.

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