Tyler Hamilton’s Article on Natural Gas in The Toronto Star


Tyler Hamilton wrote an interesting article in The Toronto Star yesterday about the future of natural gas. He claims that the future of natural gas as a main staple of energy is on the decline. I wonder if this is true. Please see his article by clicking here. Natural gas is relatively clean, efficient and affordable. Although geothermal is the least expensive option for home heating in the long run, upfront costs will continue to make geothermal unattainable for the vast majority of citizens who are struggling to survive financially. With our provincial government piling upon us tax after tax (HST) and drastically raising the cost of electricity, the financial viability is further being compromised. Remember, geothermal relies totally on electricity. When our electricity rates reach 25 cents/kwh (and they will very soon due to the FIT Tariff imposed by the province), it will be very difficult to justify geothermal heat because it will not offer much savings. Natural gas will always be a fuel of choice for the average homeowner. Please see Tyler’s article at The Toronto Star website or on this site by clicking on his article in the pages section to the right of this blog.


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