Ontario Electricity Market – Very Scary Future


Abbas Chagani, Cynthia Wang and Yvan Masse wrote a great article on their Blog about the future of our energy costs in Ontario. They explain in a clear and detailed manner why energy costs are on the rise and how our Provincial Government made this happen even while electricity in general is going down. Please see their article as it is a real eye opener. For most homeowners who are struggling to get by, these increases will be quite painful. The only way to save ourselves from this is to upgrade our appliances to high-efficiency. The greatest consumers of energy in our homes are our heating and air conditioning systems. Right now, the province is still offering rebates to help consumers upgrade their heating and air conditioning equipment. If homeowners don’t act soon, they might find themselves choosing between heating their homes and feeding their families in the not to distant future. This energy poverty problem is already rampant in London and Germany.


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