Business Development – Harnessing Group Power


This week, we are implementing a new system to encourage employees to feel part of the team and harness the imagination of our entire team. We are creating a white board with 3 columns. The first column will have a list of all employee suggestions of how to improve the performance of the company. The second column will have the suggestions that are currently in the process of being implemented. The third column will list the suggestions that we have successfully implemented. This tracking system has many advantages. Firstly, it motivates our entire team to move on the suggestions to make sure that they all get implemented. Secondly, it creates an atmosphere of progress and motivation. Thirdly, it generates a feeling of pride and satisfaction throughout the whole team as we see our accomplishments. And most important, it allows us to harness the brainpower of every member of our team. Why not try this in your business?


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