Heat Wave in Southern Ontario


Today, Teri Pecoskie reported in The Toronto Star, that we are breaking heat records in Southern Ontario. What is unique about this heat is that it is dry heat rather than the smoggy humid heat that we usually get. I am now at a conference in Sudbury and the weather is well over 30 deg.

This is an excerpt of the article.

The heat wave arrived without the heft and humidity that are usually generated when the city warms up, says Environment Canada climatologist David Phillips, because the hot air that’s flowing north this time comes from dry, southern states like Arizona.

Typically, Phillips said, it would be rolling up from the depths of the Ohio Valley, bringing with it the dampness that we tend to associate with the dog days of summer — and that traps smog over the city.

According to Environment Canada, the mercury had risen to 31 C by 2 p.m. today, breaking the current record of 30.6 C set on this day in 1944 and later matched in 1965.

“It’s kind of fair in a way because the last two summers have been bummers,” Phillips said. “This one is going to be a hummer.”

What’s even more unusual than the city’s smog-free heat wave is that areas to the north are all experiencing higher temperatures than we are.

On Tuesday, the temperature in Timmins was a balmy 35 C.

We have waited years for a great hot and sunny summer like this. Let’s enjoy this beautiful weather. I hope you all have a great and enjoyable summer!


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