Save $1,500 in Energy


Yesterday I surveyed a home in the Riverdale area of Toronto. My customer wanted to change out his old air conditioner as part of a renovation project. The first thing we do on a comfort assessment visit is a heat loss/gain calculation. This is accomplished by measuring all the outside walls, windows and doors. Once we gather the data, we enter the data into our heat loss/gain program to determine the correct sizing for the home comfort equipment. We were amazed that the existing furnace which was only 5 years old had been severely oversized. The furnace was a 100,000 BTUH mid-efficiency unit. The required size was around 50,000 BTUH. After a complete analysis, we realized that a new furnace and new air conditioner, once we factored in the $2,000 worth of rebates, would cost approximately $5,000. The yearly energy savings we calculated to be at around $1,500. This worked out to a 27% ROI, return on investment. We were really glad along with our customer to have discovered this great opportunity to save energy. This was only possible because we performed a full heat loss/gain study. Whenever you need new home comfort equipment, make sure that your contractor does a heat loss/gain study and analyzes your energy use so that you can also make the best decisions.


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