Get Serious about Conservation


This summer seems to be getting off to a very hot start. Demand for air conditioning is at an all time high. Do you have any idea how much you are spending on air conditioning? If your air conditioner is more than 5 years old and if you have a typical home in Toronto with 4 tons of air conditioning, you are spending between $450 and $550 each summer season to cool your home. Today, you can buy an air conditioner that will cool your home for $290 per season. This means you are overspending as much as $260 each year. Even if your air conditioner works fine, it is wasting lots of money by being so terribly inefficient. We can assess your home and show you how much energy you can save by upgrading to high-efficiency equipment. Now, there are still government rebates to offset the cost of upgrading. These rebates will not be around forever and once electricity prices jump, the costs will be even higher. Now is the time to act in order to avoid the dilemma of whether to cool your home or survive financially.


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2 Responses to “Get Serious about Conservation”

  1. mgot78 Says:


    That was the biggest paragraph I’ve ever seen!

    My landlord just installed central air in my house. It will be interesting to see how much the bills are this summer, compared to the window units that he used to install each year.

    Great information!

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