Suffering From High Electricity Bills


Christina Blizzard from The Toronto Sun wrote a column about Mr. Les Crisp who was enticed by the province to “Live Better Electrically”. This was the catchy phrase the government advertised with to get people to heat their homes with electricity. Now he is paying a whopping $7,000 a year. He blames Dalton McGuinty for these drastic increases in electricity costs. There is no way to escape this terrible expense because even if you buy your electricity from an alternative supplier, you will get hit by the “Provincial Benefit” line on your gas bill that will inflate your costs. He anticipates that his bill will increase even further due to Dalton McGuinty’s “Green Energy Act” which inflates the cost of electricity to subsidize his Green Energy pet projects. We in Ontario are all in for a big surprise when our electricity costs will soar in the very near future. What are you doing to reduce your dependance on electricity?

Please see Christina’s article here or at the side of this blog.


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2 Responses to “Suffering From High Electricity Bills”

  1. Michelle S. Says:

    One thing is for certain, Your electricity bill will be 8% more with the new HST tax grab. If your electricity bill in Ontario is $100 per month that will translate into $96 more a year for Dalton McGuinty. Lets not for get an average per year more of $144 for Natural Gas and $48 for internet services. If you own a car and spend just $30 a week is gas, it will now cost you another $125 a year.

    Just by those averages that’s $413 more a year, and let not forget gyms, hiar salons, renovation contractors, vet bills, and many more. It will likely result in the average Ontario taxpayer paying out more than a $1000 each year above current sales taxes. So much for Dalton McGuinty’s first year $990 bribe.

    • JoePremi Says:

      You are so correct. In the last provincial election, Dalton was voted in with a majority even though he lied about the Health Tax. This sent him a clear message that Ontarions just don’t care. I hope during the next election, we show Dalton and all other politicians that there is a limit to how much tax we can tolerate.

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