Variable Speed Pumping saves Money


One of the biggest uses of energy in a hydronic system is the circulator. This cost can be minimized by adjusting the rate of pumping according to the need of the building. It can be further minimized by using and ECM motor. Taco just came out with a wonderful circulator that can modulate itself, tell you how much power it is using at any time and is ECM. This pump is so advanced, so revolutionary, and so efficient, Taco actually made a contest for who can come up with the best name for this unit. I entered “The Chief”. CHIEF stands for Commutating HI Efficiency Flow. The prize is a flashy new Smart Car. I hope they select my suggestion and award me the car. Either way, I am a winner because I will be able to use this product to the advantage of my clients.

Taco is on Facebook. Why not check them out there as well.


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