Happy Canada Day


Hi Friends,

I want to wish everybody a Happy Canada Day. Today is a good time to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in a country that grants us liberty and freedom. It gives us the opportunity to work and raise families in the religion of our choice. It provides us with education to help us succeed and healthcare to give us a great quality of life. It nurtures a wonderful multi cultural atmosphere that allows people from all backgrounds, races and faiths to join together as one and continue to make our wonderful country grow and prosper. This week during the G-20 and G-8, Canada stood proudly as a leader amongst nations. We should all be very proud! We should all be very proud of our wonderful Prime Minister, Steven Harper, who is a moral compass, a true leader and a great protector of our nation.

But most important, we must thank G-d every day for this wonderful country of Canada and pray every day for the continued success, growth and prosperity of our wonderful home and native land.


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