Help Me, I’m too hot !!!


Today’s heat wave has really separated the good from the bad and just plain ugly central air conditioning systems. My day started very early this morning and went well into this evening visiting customer homes and speaking on the phone regarding A/C systems that were either broken or just couldn’t keep up to the demands of today’s weather. In the middle of our day we had Sean O’Shea from Global TV visit one of our installation sites to assist him with his air conditioning investigative report this evening on the news. Jack, Joe and I spent a lot of time with Sean and his team answering all of his detailed questions in the pre-interview stage before the camera was rolling. We were very impressed with the knowledge Sean was able to pick up in a very short time. We thought Joe did an excellent job for the on-camera questions.

What to do if your A/C system can’t keep up? First when was the last time you changed your furnace filter? And (part two) Did you purchase a high-priced filter that looked great but maybe way too restrictive of the air flow for your furnace’s fan motor? As a HVAC servicer over the years I have made a lot of money going to customer’s homes just to pull out a very restrictive furnace filter that was causing massive problems cooling the house. If everything is ok inside its time to check the unit outside. Check the a/c unit for dirt and debris on the coils. If its dirty take a garden hose and spray the unit down to clear and wash the dirt and debris away. Don’t worry, the unit is designed as an outdoor appliance and has no problem being washed down with a hose.

Now, what to do if all your checks reveal everything is fine and your still not cool enough? If your system is 10 years old or older you should consider having an HVAC professional visit and perform a mechanical evaluation including a thorough heat gain assessment and calculation. Make sure whoever you call does their homework for your premise and dont just try to sell the box they on the back of the truck.
Selecting a contractor who is a thorough professional and or following my basic suggestions listed above should help not to be one of the many home owners who say, “Help Me, I’m too hot!!”

Here is a link to the Sean O’Shea interview on Global evening news July 05:


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