Fujitsu Multi Zone Air Conditioner


This week we installed a 3-zone Fujitsu Ductless heat pump. Each of the 3 indoor units were installed into bedrooms that until now could not be used on hot summer days because of the stifling heat. Now even the master bedroom in the loft on the 3rd floor is cool and comfortable. The great thing about the Fujitsu unit is its ability to modulate the cooling output in  the summer and the heating output in the winter to exactly match the heating and cooling load of the room. This translates into a high level of comfort that the homeowner never imagined possible. It also translates into extremely high efficiencies.

We are getting so many calls these days from people interested in ductless systems. These are great units that can provide cooling in homes without a duct system. This home also got a new high efficiency boiler that I will tell you about next time.

Another great application for these ductless units are to supplement cooling in specific rooms such as a master bedrom or living room where a party is being hosted and requires extra cooling. If you think these units don’t look nice, think again. LG makes units that look just like picture frames that you mount your own picture into. They also have many more decorative units to match any decor.

Check out these units at Fujitsu and LG.

LG Specs


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2 Responses to “Fujitsu Multi Zone Air Conditioner”

  1. Randall Spaide Says:

    JUST AS AN FYI…..DO NOT BUY ANY FUJITSU PRODUCTS…..Had several problems with 2 of my mini split units….both were defective and because of Fujitsu’s so called warranty, I had to spend a lot money on repairs. Fujitsu DOES NOT STAND behind their products and there is no customer service at their New Jersey Headquarters. DO NOT BUY FUJITSU.

    • JoePremi Says:

      Hi Randall,
      Before I would question Fujitsu, I would question if your installer followed the manufacturer’s instructions to the “T”. 99% of equipment problems are installation related and I know that 90% of installing contractors do not properly commission the system. These units are extremely high tech and require extreme precision in their installation. For example, the refrigerant charge must be adjusted in all installations to 1/100th of an ounce. Most installers don’t even have equipment that can measure this with precision. I provide factory service for many of the ductless manufacturers and every single troubleshooting job I was sent to was improper installation or set up. It is for this reason that your contractor told you Fujitsu will not help because he would never admit that he may not have installed properly or may not even know how to install properly.

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