Ontario Is Headed For Energy Crisis


Today in the Toronto Sun editorial, they raise the issue of very poor planning that our provincial governments are guilty of regarding our power generation and distribution infrastructures. It is quite scary that we simply do not have enough power for our needs and our grid is terribly run down and obsolete. There is no way our system can support any growth in manufacturing. If it wasn’t for the fact that our manufacturing sector has been decimated, we would not have nearly enough power and distribution to support our needs. How are we in Ontario going to crawl out of this recession if we do not have enough electricity, our taxes are so high and our labour laws are from the worst in North America.  (Please see Fraser Institute  Study at side margin) How will potential employers even consider our province to establish their businesses? Have you ever discussed this with your MPP? Did you challenge Premier Dalton McGuinty with these questions? This is our future. Who is navigating our course? Without meticulous planning, how will Ontario become an economic powerhouse?

Please see the article from The Toronto Sun at the right side of the margin. It is titled, Does Dalton McGuinty Have a Power Plan?


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