How do I choose a furnace installer?


This is by far the most important factor that will affect every aspect of your satisfaction with your new furnace and air conditioner. The following points will be directly affected by who you choose to install your new comfort system.

  1. Efficiency. Will your equipment actually operate at the efficiency levels that you expect? Will you pay more for electricity and gas than you need to?
  2. Reliability. Your furnace should last 15-20 years and your air conditioner should last 10-15 years. Will you be disappointed if your furnace or air conditioner fail after 8 years?
  3. Comfort.  Will you experience the comfort from your new equipment that you should get with your new system?

The only way that you will get the full comfort, efficiency and reliability with your new system is if the following 3 items score 100%.

  1. Design and application.
  2. Installation quality
  3. Start up and Setup.

I will discuss these 3 items and their importance in my next blog entries.


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