Design and Application 3


In order to determine exactly which system to install in your home, the following things must be clarified.

  1. How much cooling does your house need?
  2. How much heat does your house need?
  3. Does your home get too dry in the winter? Does anyone experience nosebleeds? Is there static in the house?
  4. Does your home have proper air filtration? Are there people in your home with breathing issues? Allergies? Asthma?
  5. Do you have young children? Does your home have proper air sanitization? Are you concerned about bacteria, mould and other growing organisms in your air?
  6. Does your home have adequate ventilation? Is the air stale and stuffy at times?
  7. Does your home suffer from too much moisture? Do your windows drip in the winter?
  8. Is your home evenly heated and cooled or are there areas that are too cold or too warm?
  9. Is your home drafty?
  10. Does your current system use too much energy? Are your utility bills too high?
  11. Is your current equipment located in the most practical and appropriate spot?

These are some of the important issues that must be clarified and discussed before any comfort advisor can propose a home comfort system for you.

Make sure that you have a chance to discuss all these issue so that your investment in your home health and comfort will pay off.


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