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Boilers-Part 1 – What is best for me?

September 20, 2010

I have recently met with many customers who are looking to replace their old inefficient boilers. Many of them fall into the trap of buying new inefficient boilers. In my next few posts, I will discuss the many options available today in boiler technology and the advantages of each of the boiler types available on the market. I will also explain to you what questions you should ask your contractor before deciding on a boiler purchase.

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Have a Sweet and Happy New Year!

September 12, 2010

Hi Friends,

I’d like to wish everyone a sweet and happy new year. May all our prayers be answered and all our wishes granted. May we all merit a happy and healthy New Year!

Installation Quality – Startup and Setup

September 6, 2010

Today’s equipment is very advanced with highly sophisticated electronics to customize each system to your home. The control boards have many different switches that need to be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your home. Additionally, the equipment must be started up and tested to make sure it is operating exactly as specified. Without this setup, the unit efficiency will suffer and the unit will wear out prematurely. Please see this startup sheet below that the technician must record all the details of the unit operation for a modulating gas furnace. Ask your contractor for a copy of his startup sheet. If he/she cannot show you their startup sheet, they are probably not setting up the equipment properly. When you are investing thousands of dollars for 95% efficient equipment that should last 15 years, you don’t want your equipment running at 90% and only last 10 years. A proper setup will deliver the results you expect and deserve.

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Installation Quality – Equipment Levelling

September 5, 2010

Furnaces and air conditioners must be installed level. This will ensure that they do not vibrate and become noisy. Levelling will also ensure that the unit will drain properly. See yesterday’s post for more details on drainage.

Great care must be taken to shim the unit properly to compensate for a floor that might be uneven.

In my next post, I will discuss equipment setup and startup.

Installation Quality – Drain

September 3, 2010

Do you know that both furnaces and air conditioners create condensate, which is water that must be drained away properly. There are several perils that you will have if the drainage is not designed and installed properly.

Without proper drainage, your equipment will:

  1. not work
  2. leak and make a big mess or even flood your basement and attic
  3. sustain damage
  4. lose years of its life.

Some of the factors that require specific attention is:

  1. Drain traps
  2. Drain material
  3. Drain slope
  4. cleanout access
  5. condensate pump
  6. floor drain location

As you can see, attention must be paid to every detail of a home comfort system installation in order to avoid disappointment and disaster.

Installation Quality – Danger-High Voltage Electrical

September 2, 2010

One cannot underestimate the sensitivity of the high voltage wiring for a new furnace or air conditioner. There are many code requirements for sizing and quality control that are often ignored. When wiring a unit there are many factors that must be considered for proper operation.

  1. Amperage draw of appliance.
  2. Breaker size and condition.
  3. Length of wire from breaker panel to appliance.
  4. Exposure to temperature and moisture.
  5. Interference.
  6. Proper isolation and disconnect device.
  7. Polarity
  8. Tight connections.

High voltage electricity is dangerous and must be installed correctly for your safety. You would never drive a car that wasn’t built by a reputable manufacturer under the strictest government safety guidelines. Well, you spend much more time in your home surrounded by miles of complex electrical wiring that can burn your house down in no time. Make sure to work with a contractor that will not take any risks with your safety.

Installation Quality – Controls and Wiring

September 1, 2010

Today’s appliances are very sophisticated and require advanced controls to operate them properly. Comfort systems heat and cool with multiple stages, they humidify and dehumidify, they communicate and troubleshoot and even notify you when to call for service and perform maintenance.

Wiring these systems requires a level of expertise that is much more advanced than what many companies have today. Without this training and expertise, your system will not operate properly and you will not maximize the functionality and efficiency of your investment.