Installation Quality – Danger-High Voltage Electrical


One cannot underestimate the sensitivity of the high voltage wiring for a new furnace or air conditioner. There are many code requirements for sizing and quality control that are often ignored. When wiring a unit there are many factors that must be considered for proper operation.

  1. Amperage draw of appliance.
  2. Breaker size and condition.
  3. Length of wire from breaker panel to appliance.
  4. Exposure to temperature and moisture.
  5. Interference.
  6. Proper isolation and disconnect device.
  7. Polarity
  8. Tight connections.

High voltage electricity is dangerous and must be installed correctly for your safety. You would never drive a car that wasn’t built by a reputable manufacturer under the strictest government safety guidelines. Well, you spend much more time in your home surrounded by miles of complex electrical wiring that can burn your house down in no time. Make sure to work with a contractor that will not take any risks with your safety.


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