Boilers Part 3 – Restrictions on Atmospheric Boilers


Due to the dangerous nature of Atmospheric boilers, the TSSA put several restrictions on the installation of such boilers. These restrictions are intended to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from these boilers.

1. These boilers may only be located in a room that is completely sealed from the rest of the home.

2. These boiler rooms must have gasketed doors with automatic door closers to prevent any fumes from the boiler from getting into the living space.

3. These boilers may not be installed in a room that has a door directly into a bedroom or bathroom.

4. A dedicated and properly sized fresh air duct must be installed directly from the outdoors to the boiler room.

5. There must be CO detectors installed in or adjacent to every sleeping area in the home.

I don’t know about you, but these restrictions give me the creeps so I would never install a dangerous boiler like that in my home.

Please see a copy of the TSSA public safety order below.

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