Boilers Part 4 – Power Vented Boilers


Proud of a great furnace install.


Today I will discuss the Power Vented Boiler.  Power vented boilers can reach up to 85% efficiency which is a bit more than the old workhorse atmospheric. They are relatively reliable and are easy replacements for the old atmospheric. They look like the atmospheric with one difference, the atmospheric has the mushroom-shaped draft hood on top while the power vented boiler has an induced draft blower on the side of the boiler. Please see the picture below.

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These boilers have a blower that forces the flu products out of your home, so they are a little bit safer than atmospheric boilers. However, since they rely on air from inside your home for combustion air, they still present some dangers and their installation are also restricted by the TSSA as follows.

1. A dedicated and properly sized combustion air duct directly from the outside must be installed in the boiler room.

2. Carbon monoxide detectors must be installed in or adjacent to every sleeping area in the home.

See the Safety Advisory below. Again, when I hear that these boilers require such extensive carbon monoxide monitoring, I would not consider installing these types of boilers in my home and jeopardizing the safety of my family. To me it is like throwing my child overboard in rough seas with a life jacket.

In my home, I would only install a direct vented boiler that we will discuss in my next post. These boilers have no restrictions on their installation because they are inherently safer than the 2 boilers we just discussed.

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