Boilers Part 10 – Modulation


One of the great operational advantages available with a Mod/Con (Modulating Condensing) boiler is its ability to modulate its heating power to match the requirements of your home. When your boiler is sized, it is designed to provide you with enough heat to keep your home nice and comfortable even on the coldest day of the year. However, most of the time your boiler fires, it is not quite as cold as it was designed for. As a matter of fact, the coldest temperatures only happen less than 3% of the time. All other times, your boiler is too big for your home. When your boiler is too big, it will run in short bursts called “short cycling” and will waste energy. See this video about oversized boilers.

The modulating boiler, however can adjust its heating power to match the actual requirements at the time. This is done in real-time adjusting the boiler’s power depending on weather conditions. Now your boiler is always just the prefect size for your home and is always operating at peak efficiency.

In next post I will discuss the advantage of Reset.


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