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Website Updated

December 30, 2010

Hello Friends,

We are working hard on our website. Most of our improvement to date has been behind the scenes on SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. This is getting your site ranked high on Google and other search engines so that your website will show up on top when someone searches for your products and services.

At first this tech talk was foreign to me, but after a little bit of research, I found how easy it is to supercharge our site. Now for most search terms, Premi-AirClimateCare is in the top 3 for most HVAC related searches.

Our next stage is making our site more dynamic and exciting. We intend to post coupons for discounted service rates, indoor air quality products and other special offers only available to our web subscribers.

Please check out our website at and let me know what you think of it. If you want tips on optimizing your website, leave a comment on my blog and I will be happy tp provide more detail.

BE Lies and is Incompetent!

December 28, 2010

After my customer called BE and let them have it about their lies and showed them that the part was in fact available and that he caught them on their lie, they agreed to come first thing Monday morning equipped with a new IDB induced draft blower. What do you know…they replaced the IDB and the furnace still did not work. MISDIAGNOSIS!! At this point, my customer was livid and screaming at BE for a competent service technician. Finally, on Wednesday someone came and got the furnace working. They still don’t know what caused the problem. This whole issue should have been solved in 10 minutes 5 weeks ago when the trouble first started but the incompetence of BE is just so unbelievable. I just can’t understand why people continue to use them.

I’m happy that at least for now, my customer has heat. I told the customer to switch their service plan to Premi-AirClimateCare and they will not have these problems anymore.

Heating Protection Plan offers Poor Service

December 26, 2010

Last Sunday, one of my customers called me that his furnace was not working. We had installed this furnace 2 years ago. My customer decided to have his maintenance with a large company that offers a heating protection plan. This plan includes free repairs 24/7/365.

My customer called to tell me that his furnace had not been working properly for 5 weeks now. The big company we’ll call BE had been there 5 times and the furnace still did not work properly. They were there on Saturday and decided that they need a new induced draft blower. They claimed, that this York furnace, is now obsolete and the parts are no longer available. They advised the customer to get a new furnace because even if we wait until Monday, we might not be able to get the part we need.

I was livid. Firstly, I did not believe that a new IDB was needed. Clearly, if they were there 5 times and still could not get it right, they were just guessing. I know that IDB last at least 5 years. Secondly, the part was available in large quantities at York in Oakville and at many suppliers throughout Toronto. BE was just trying to avoid paying their technician to pick up the part on weekend time and avoid the premium paid to suppliers to open their warehouse on a weekend.

I gave my customer the emergency weekend telephone to york and he called them. They said that they had over 50 units in stock.

What liars BE are!!

In my next post I will tell you what happened. They did not have heat until the next Wednesday!!

I don’t understand why people still use BE with their horrific service and dishonesty.

Beware of Drive By Pricing

December 23, 2010

Hello Friends,
Whenever I am asked to provide pricing for a replacement furnace or air conditioner, we always perform a full analysis of the home including a heat loss/gain report to ensure that our customer gets the best system for their needs. This procedure requires a 2.5 hour visit to the customer’s home. Recently, a customer asked me, “Why do you need so much time? Another contractor gave me a price in 5 minutes! Don’t you know what you are doing?”

I would like to answer this question.

The replacement of your home heating and air conditioning system is a significant investment that will dictate your comfort, efficiency and safety for the next 10 – 20 years. Only with the proper research can you be confident that your system will meet your expectations and satisfy your needs.

Some of the many questions that need to be answered are as follows.

  1. Is your home warm enough?
  2. Does your current system maintain a uniform temperature throughout your home?
  3. Are there rooms that are always too cold or too warm?
  4. Is the air in your home fresh or do you find that your home air is stale and stuffy?
  5. Is your home too dry? Is your furniture and/or hardwood floors cracking?
  6. Is your home too humid? Do you have a mould or condensation problem?
  7. Will the new air system be compatible with the existing duct system and piping system in my home?
  8. Do you have enough hot water?
  9. How will this new system affect my air quality?
  10. How will this new system affect the pressure in your home?
  11. Is your home air clean? Does anyone in your household have breathing issues like asthma and allergies?
  12. Is your existing system oversized and operating inefficiently?
  13. How much heat do you actually need?
  14. How much cooling do you actually need?

As you can see, there are so many issues that must be dealt with in order to make the right equipment selection and to ensure that your selection will work well together with your existing infrastructure.

I have been to so many homes where the client is suffering because the contractor they hired to replace their furnace just offered a quick 5 minute Drive By Quote and failed to properly assess the home and their needs.

Any contractor who makes a proposal with a 5 minute visit will not be able to propose the best system for your budget, comfort, safety and efficiency.

The CMHC Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has published a FREE guide on how to buy a new furnace, boiler and/or air conditioner. You can click here to get to the order page and you can order the printed booklet or electronic copy.

For your interest, I have put a copy of the guide below.

View this document on Scribd

See this video about what can happen if your contractor does not properly assess your needs.

Danger in Your Bedroom or Bathroom

December 21, 2010

The gas code has recently been updated and has outlawed certain installation configurations due to the danger of CO poisoning.  I am writing about this because many homes have this danger present and are not even aware of it. When they have a problem with their rental domestic hot water tank, they call in Direct Energy and DE shuts off the furnace and water heater and red tags their appliances. They do this because of a new rule in the code that states that if your furnace room has a door directly into a bedroom or bathroom, all the appliances must be direct vent. Direct vent means that each appliance ( Furnace and Water Tank) must have 2 pipes to the outside, one that brings in fresh air to the appliance and one that exhausts the fumes. A bedroom is any room with a bed or couch that can be opened up into a bed even if no one sleeps there. Most water tanks are not direct vent. Replacing a standard water tank with direct vent is costly. I would go check my furnace room right now and see if I have this problem so you can correct it before your gas gets shut off when you least expect it.

The following is  a photo of a Direct Vent Water Heater.

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Help – My House is Cold – Furnace Broken

December 19, 2010

Now that the weather is getting cold, I’d like to give you a checklist of what to do if your furnace stops working and you are cold. These are things you can try yourself before you call a service company.

  1. Make sure your thermostat is set to heat and the temperature is set to 21 Celsius or 70 Fahrenheit.
  2. Make sure the switch and electrical breaker for your furnace are set to the on position.
  3. Make sure your filter is clean. See the video below for how to change your air filter.
  4. Check the vent termination outside to make sure it is not blocked with snow or other obstruction. See the video below on how to do this.

If all these items are fine, call your service company or try calling Premi-AirClimateCare at 416-781-1054

Boilers – Part 19 Humidity and Dryness

December 16, 2010

Have you noticed that your home is dry. Do you feel static when you touch things? Do you wake up with a dry mouth? Do you have dry skin?

Do you know that the average boiler will cause about 1,000 cubic feet of outside cold air into your home every hour that it is firing? Think of how much your air is dried out because of this cold outside air. Think of how much it is costing you to heat this air. With a direct vent boiler, all combustion air is drawn from outside directly into your boiler so it will not waste energy and not dry out your home. So..if your home is too dry and you have a conventional boiler, think about replacing it now.

York University – No Heat

December 14, 2010

Noone is immune to heater breakdown. This week the central steam boilers went down at The York University Keele campus. The school is still shut down. Make sure you get your heating system serviced so you don’t get left out in the cold.
See the article in The Toronto Sun.

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Climate Change Conference in Cancun

December 14, 2010

Today is the last day of the Climate Change conference that is taking place in Cancun Mexico. The nations of the world are trying to agree upon a replacement of the Kyoto Accords which failed to reduce carbon emissions that they believe affects climate change. Things are not going too well as the leaders cannot come to an agreement on what commitments each country should make. It seems that the delegates are more interested in having fun than doing anything about the environment. This conference in and of itself is harming the environment. See this video below where each country representative is going in a different direction.

I have always wondered why these climate gurus meet in warm Cancun. These conferences should take place in Canada. It is freezing here and I surely don’t feel any type of warming happening. I wonder if the entire Climate Change guru crowd would even bother to attend as conference if it was not in a cushy and warm vacation destination. I don’t understand their justification for a carbon emitting conference. Think of all the wasted energy and carbon spewed into the atmosphere to get all the delegates to Mexico and to prepare for them. Now with video and teleconferencing, all this could have been accomplished with electronic conferencing. I suspect these people are just trying to perpetuate their cushy jobs.

What do you think?

Union Internal Conflict

December 12, 2010

Many union members are unhappy with what they feel is a corrupt union who does not represent their best interests. They feel that their dues are being misspent and that the union brass harass and intimidate those members that dare to protest. To that end, the upset members have developed their own website to raise awareness of these problems. It is called UALocal787MFDVER04.

They are upset about the poor pension and disability benefits. They are upset about the intimidation that goes on at the union meetings.

They also set up the AUD or Association for Union Democracy.

The Members for Democracy Archives includes reports of outright corruption describing how union officials are provided with comprehensive benefits at the expense of the rank and file members while the members can only access a basic skeletal disability package. It is outrageous to see that the unions who are supposed to be there to protect the employees are actually exploiting them worse than employers ever have.

What can you do? Vote out the McGuinty Liberals who have empowered these corrupt and greedy unions and bring in a Conservative government who will make it easier for employees to decertify. This will keep the unions responsible for their members and force them to provide better service to their members or they will lose their members support and tax base/union dues.