Electricity Prices on the Rise


John Snobelen just wrote an article in The Toronto Sun discussing the now “out of the bag” dirty secret on our dear provincial government. We can now expect our hydro bills to increase by 100% over the next few years. This has also been reported by the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. This is terrible news for the Ontario citizen. Do you expect your income to double in the next few years? Yet the Liberal government sees fit to double our hydro rates, sharply increase our taxes and reduce our services. This is simply unsustainable. There has been a lot of doubt cast upon the viability af the FIT Program and its benefits. I have watched over the past 8 years since the McGuinty Liberals have been in power as factories close, manufacturing disappear and thousands of jobs move to China. This is due directly to the misguided policies of the McGuinty government’s anti business policies.

Please see this video of some exchange in our provincial legislature.


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