McGuinty Liberals – Anti Business


In my last post I discussed how the McGuinty Liberals have destroyed business in Ontario. I would like to explain this better. In order for manufacturing to thrive, 3 things are required.

  1. Stable and affordable energy prices.
  2. Low tax rates
  3. Reliable and large pool of employees.

McGuinty has bungled all 3 of these items.

Firstly, he introduced the largest tax increases and the largest deficits in Ontario  History. See more about this in The Toronto Star.

Secondly, he has introduced  hydro rate increases to the tune of 100% as we discussd in my last posting.

Worst of all, he made Ontario one of the worst jurisdictions in North America for labour and union law. Who in the world would consider opening a factory in Ontario when they are so likely to have to deal with the greedy unions. Everyone has seen how the unions behave like gangsters in the recent Toronto garbage strike, and how lazy and arrogant they are in the TTC. Which employer would want to deal with this poor labour environment? The union greed has forced all of our manufacturing to China. The unions destroyed Ontario. All the factory workers who are today unemployed have their unions to thank for shipping their jobs to China. They can also thank McGuinty for conspiring with the unions to get their votes.

McGuinty made Ontario into a have not province. Are you happy with the direction that our province is headed in? If not, make sure to have your voice heard in the next provincial election.

Please see the study below from The Fraser Institute on how McGuinty has destroyed employer opportunities in Ontario.

View this document on Scribd

Also see this blog about what Dalton did with the labour laws and the harm it has caused.


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