Union Internal Conflict


Many union members are unhappy with what they feel is a corrupt union who does not represent their best interests. They feel that their dues are being misspent and that the union brass harass and intimidate those members that dare to protest. To that end, the upset members have developed their own website to raise awareness of these problems. It is called UALocal787MFDVER04.

They are upset about the poor pension and disability benefits. They are upset about the intimidation that goes on at the union meetings.

They also set up the AUD or Association for Union Democracy.

The Members for Democracy Archives includes reports of outright corruption describing how union officials are provided with comprehensive benefits at the expense of the rank and file members while the members can only access a basic skeletal disability package. It is outrageous to see that the unions who are supposed to be there to protect the employees are actually exploiting them worse than employers ever have.

What can you do? Vote out the McGuinty Liberals who have empowered these corrupt and greedy unions and bring in a Conservative government who will make it easier for employees to decertify. This will keep the unions responsible for their members and force them to provide better service to their members or they will lose their members support and tax base/union dues.


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