Climate Change Conference in Cancun


Today is the last day of the Climate Change conference that is taking place in Cancun Mexico. The nations of the world are trying to agree upon a replacement of the Kyoto Accords which failed to reduce carbon emissions that they believe affects climate change. Things are not going too well as the leaders cannot come to an agreement on what commitments each country should make. It seems that the delegates are more interested in having fun than doing anything about the environment. This conference in and of itself is harming the environment. See this video below where each country representative is going in a different direction.

I have always wondered why these climate gurus meet in warm Cancun. These conferences should take place in Canada. It is freezing here and I surely don’t feel any type of warming happening. I wonder if the entire Climate Change guru crowd would even bother to attend as conference if it was not in a cushy and warm vacation destination. I don’t understand their justification for a carbon emitting conference. Think of all the wasted energy and carbon spewed into the atmosphere to get all the delegates to Mexico and to prepare for them. Now with video and teleconferencing, all this could have been accomplished with electronic conferencing. I suspect these people are just trying to perpetuate their cushy jobs.

What do you think?


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