Heating Protection Plan offers Poor Service


Last Sunday, one of my customers called me that his furnace was not working. We had installed this furnace 2 years ago. My customer decided to have his maintenance with a large company that offers a heating protection plan. This plan includes free repairs 24/7/365.

My customer called to tell me that his furnace had not been working properly for 5 weeks now. The big company we’ll call BE had been there 5 times and the furnace still did not work properly. They were there on Saturday and decided that they need a new induced draft blower. They claimed, that this York furnace, is now obsolete and the parts are no longer available. They advised the customer to get a new furnace because even if we wait until Monday, we might not be able to get the part we need.

I was livid. Firstly, I did not believe that a new IDB was needed. Clearly, if they were there 5 times and still could not get it right, they were just guessing. I know that IDB last at least 5 years. Secondly, the part was available in large quantities at York in Oakville and at many suppliers throughout Toronto. BE was just trying to avoid paying their technician to pick up the part on weekend time and avoid the premium paid to suppliers to open their warehouse on a weekend.

I gave my customer the emergency weekend telephone to york and he called them. They said that they had over 50 units in stock.

What liars BE are!!

In my next post I will tell you what happened. They did not have heat until the next Wednesday!!

I don’t understand why people still use BE with their horrific service and dishonesty.


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