Beware of Shoddy and Careless Workmanship


We were called by a new customer to investigate why their newly installed rooftop heat/cool unit was not heating properly. The customer found us on Homestars and saw our reviews and reputation as a good contractor. What we found truly amazed us. Right on the side of the unit there is a big label that says “This label must be removed” It was not removed and was starving the unit for combustion air. This caused the unit to burn itself. See the burn marks in the unit. The heat exchanger also suffered from this poor combustion situation. The second photo shows a heat exchanger that looks 10 years old rather than 3 months old. You can clearly see the hot spots and wear. It is so important to hire contractors who are well-trained and diligent to do quality work. Anyone who can read would have seen this label and removed it as per the manufacturer’s instruction.

I’m glad that we found this problem and corrected it for the customer.

Remember to call us for all your heating and air conditioning needs and we will always do the job right.

See the photos below.

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