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Leave AC Repair To The Experts

May 24, 2011

Hello my dear friends,

Recently, some large retailers are promoting a freon product to encourage do it yourselfers to conduct their own AC repairs. This is a dangerous practice and the industry experts are strongly advising against it. The freon they are selling is flammable and a small spark could set off an explosion. BE safe and always call professionals.

Please see the bulletin below.

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How to Get a Great Deal on air Conditioning

May 23, 2011

Now that the weather is hot, everyone is desperate to get air conditioning. You can imagine how busy all air conditioning contractors are at this time of year and this is reflected in their pricing. The time to buy air conditioners and furnaces are when heating and air conditioning are having their slow season.

There are 2 times during the year that some heating contractors might not be so busy. They are usually hungry for work and will allow you to negotiate better pricing.

The two times of the year are in August and from January through May.

It is during these seasons that you should plan to upgrade your systems. Why not ask your contractor if they could make a deal with you now to do the work in their slow season so they will have a job lined up when they are usually looking for work?

This secret can save you thousands of dollars on your heating and cooling systems.

The Essence of ClimateCare

May 15, 2011

Hi Friends,

As a proud ClimateCare member, Premi-Air is a different kind of company. We are your neighbours and friends and we care about your home comfort, safety and cleanliness. We will show you how you can keep your home healthy for your family to live in. Please see our video below titled The Essence of ClimateCare.

Eco Energy Rebate

May 8, 2011

Now that the election is over and the Conservatives have won a majority we must hold the government accountable to reinstate the Eco Energy program which provides a significant incentive to upgrade old inefficient equipment with new high efficiency models.
This was in their defeated budget and must be honored. Ask your MP when this will happen.

Provincial Radon Legislation

May 1, 2011

Hi Friends, I have written about Radon quite a bit recently and now the Province of Ontario has introduced Bill 182 which will mandate the testing for radon in all businesses and provincially owned dwellings. Please see this bill here.