Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners – Applications


Good Morning Friends,

Today I would like to discuss the most popular application for ductless air conditioners.

Most of the requests we get for ductless air conditioners are for the 3rd floor lofts. Typically, there is a small landing at the top of the stairs with a bedroom on each side. My customers ask me to install a unit in the landing area that they hope will cool both bedrooms.

I want to point out an area of concern to avoid. I am often called on by major manufacturers of ductless air conditioners to fix problems with the installations of other contractors. Recently I was asked to replace a unit that had its compressor burn out 2 times in 2 years.

I found a large ductless unit installed in a tiny landing area that was short cycling because it was cooling the small area too quickly. This on and off cycling of the compressor is very harsh on the compressor and caused it to burn out.

When installing these units, contractors must be very careful not to oversize the units and try to cool the whole house because the unit will burn out.

As with any heating and cooling equipment, do not buy any unit before a complete heat loss/gain study is performed on your home to determine your exact heat gain or loss.

I would also recommend using an inverter unit which allows the unit to reduce its capacity rather than cycle on and off.


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