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70,000 Students at Risk of Getting Lung Cancer

February 29, 2012

Today, MSNBC did a story on the terible risk of Radon in our childrens’ schools and about how officials at all levels are trying to sweep this danger under the carpet. Are you children safe? Click here to see the article and watch the video news report.

Canadians tell politicians to save energy first –

February 24, 2012

Canadians tell politicians to save energy first –

Are you upset that the energy efficiency incentives have been discontinued? Were you thinking of upgrading your heating equipment to take advantage of the government incentives?

Now you have a voice. Please click on the link above and sign the petition to send a message to Ottawa that Canadians want help upgrading to high efficiency!

WOW- This Is Awesome – Control Your Thermostat from Anywhere!!

February 22, 2012

I’d like to share a great new technology that is now available in the marketplace. The Ecobee internet enabled thermostat.

Do you have a cottage that remains empty all winter? Did you ever have a heating failure and have your pipes burst and your cottage flooded? I hear this all the time.

Do you ever come home from work early and want to cool down your home before you get home?

Well, now this is all possible!! The Ecobee thermostat can be completely controlled from your computer or iPhone from wherever you are. If your heat is down and your home or cottage is in danger of freezing, you will get an email warning you to correct the problem.

Please see the videos below for more information on this great thermostat. Call us for more information.

Rebates and Incentives Cancelled

February 22, 2012

The Government of Canada announced the end of the Eco-Energy program at the end of January. Please click here to go to the government website with the the details. For registered homeowners, you can complete the upgrades until the end of March and do your post improvement inspection until the end of June.

Carbon monoxide poisoning likely in deaths of 5 in Whitehorse | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

February 1, 2012

Carbon monoxide poisoning likely in deaths of 5 in Whitehorse | Canada | News | Toronto Sun.