Is Your AC Really Working?


With the extreme heat we’ve been having, is your system cooling as good as it can? It has not been this hot since 1942. When the weather is mild, even if your AC is not working 100%, your home will still be comfortable. However, when the heat is extreme, you need 100% of your AC capacity and you can’t afford even the slightest drop in performance, Here’s a couple of tips to ensure you have 100% capacity. Hose down the outdoor unit. A small amount of dirt or grass clippings can reduce your cooling up to 30%. Make sure your furnace filters are very clean and open all the vents in your home. Also make sure to leave your fan in the ON position. It is a good idea to get your AC tuned up by a reputable heating contractor. I would get into a service plan so that gets you priority service so that just in case your AC fails, you can get it fixed right away.


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