My Home is too dry-Humidifier


Why isn’t my humidifier working? This time of year many people complain that their home is too dry. Nosebleed, dry skin, static, and dry throats are all so common in this season.
Most humidifiers only work when the furnace is actually firing. In this mild weather, your furnace only fires for around 5 minutes each hour, hardly long enough to humidify your home. “So what should I do?” you ask. Well there are some simple ideas that you can try. Firstly, don’t run your exhaust fan while showering and leave the bathroom door open. This will allow the moisture from your shower to humidify your home. Second, try leaving a pot of water simmering on your stove. But be sure to watch that it does not go dry or you might start a fire.
If all else fails, consider buying a high quality steam humidifier. Although it costs $2,000+, it will always keep your home perfectly comfortable. Check out Nortec, Generalaire and Aprilaire for high quality steam humidifiers.


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