Beware of the CROOKS


Good Day my Dear Friends,
Today my post is actually a rant. I get so angry when I see open dishonesty and seeing service companies taking advantage of believing and desperate customers. I have a friend who is a client of a very large local company whose name I cannot mention. They offer a cooling and heating insurance plan for very low rates. This past Thursday, my friend’s air conditioner stopped working. They were in a panic because they had an engagement party planned for that week. I happened to be in their house and found that their furnace blower had failed. Since I knew they were “insured”, I told them to call their service contractor.
Their service contractor came the next day and told them that their air conditioner and furnace had failed and that they needed a new furnace and air conditioner. The technician began a sales pitch for this new $10,000 system. Well, my friend already knew that this was not true so they called me and put me on the telephone with the technician. I asked the technician if he even checked to see if in fact the AC had failed. He told me, I did not bother checking. My office told me to just sell the customer a new furnace and air conditioner. At this point I was very upset so I asked him, “Don’t you have any personal integrity and pride not to cheat a customer?” He responded, “I didn’t think they would know the difference!” Boy was he mistaken.

So my friends, will you be lured in by the low upfront prices of these big utility type contractors only to be sold a bill of goods for thousands of dollars that you do not need? Are you going to allow yourselves to be cheated out of thousands of dollars by a small bribe from these big contractors who fool you with low rates? Do you think they are in this business to provide free service to you or are they in business to provide fat profits to their share holders?
Don’t be taken for a fool. Work with honest people who you know have your best interest in mind who would never think to cheat you. Pay a fair price for quality honest service and you will have more comfort with lower costs in the long run.
Have a wonderful and comfortable summer season!


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