Storm Damage – Furnaces and Water Heaters


Hello My Dear Friends,

As a victim of the storm, I know first hand how frustrating it is to deal with the aftermath and clean up. To make matters worse, i woke up tis morning with my Air conditioner not working. I realized how much damage the flooding may have caused so I will give you some practical tips on how to ensure your furnace, AC and water heater are safe.

First of all, if your toilet has overflowed and there was sewer water in your furnace, you should get your furnace checked to make sure there are no remains of sewage in your airstream.

Secondly, if any part of the gas train was submerged, it must be replaced by law because it can fail causing an explosion. I suggest that you get a gas service contractor to inspect all of your gas fired appliances to make sure they are safe. In order to allow for easy processing of your insurance claim, make sure that your service contractor presents you with a clearly written invoice as well as pricing for any components requiring replacement. The invoice and recommendations should be clear enough so your insurance company will be able to approve and process it promptly.

Remember, to keep all your quotes and invoices for any expense incurred due to the flood. Insurance companies need detailed documentation of everything so if you want the claim processed smoothly, be meticulous with your record keeping.


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