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Beware of Contractors

October 16, 2013

Hello Friends,
Many homeowners in Toronto have their homes under construction to repair the flood damage from our August storm. My technicians have pointed out and corrected many dangerous situations that were caused by contractors that were not knowledgeable in the gas code and the dangers lurking on a construction site.
The most common danger we find is open return air ducts in a furnace room. Often during the demolition phase, walls and air ducts are removed to allow for the reconstruction. If the demolishers are not properly informed or not careful, this can cause air to be sucked out of the furnace room. This creates a very dangerous scenario because the gas furnace, boiler or hot water tank will produce fatal levels of CARBON MONOXIDE under these conditions.
To stay safe, make sure your contractor gets a licensed gas technician visit the site to ensure it is safe.
If anyone in your home experiences symptoms of CO poisoning, such as headaches or naseau, get out of the house immediately to a place of abundant fresh air and get medical help. Then call a licensed gas contractor from outside your home to make sure your home is safe.
Your life and the lives of your family depend on your vigilance for safety.
Wishing you all a wonderful Fall season.