Ice Storm Power Down – Don’t Get Stuck In The Cold


Dear Friends,

So many of us are sitting in the cold worrying about our pipes, our children, our elderly and even our food defrosting in our freezers. Our phone systems and security systems are down. At the office our computer systems are down costing us thousands of dollars.

 I know of several of my customers that do not have these worries. They had the foresight to install a standby generator. With a standby generator, as soon as the hydro goes down, your home generator automatically starts to provide you with safe and steady power.

This year we had too many power interruptions. With the floods in the summer and now the ice storm in the winter it has become clear that we can no longer rely on our utilities to keep us safe.

Backup generators are simple and affordable and are a great investment in the safety of your family and business.


They range in price from $5,000 for a basic package  to $30,000 for a system that can power up a home of 10,000 square feet. All generator packages can be financed for an affordable monthly payment.


After today’s storm, I wanted to get the best pricing for generators and I made a special deal with my supplier based on a quantity of 20. I will be offering a special discount of $500 for the first 20 generators that I sell.

There are also even more affordable packages for manual gasoline generators to power your furnace and refrigerators/freezers. These have to be manually started and require you fill up the tanks with gasoline every few hours, but at least you have your heat and basic needs covered.


Please contact me right away to order your generator and take advantage of this limited time offer.

Best Regards,

Joseph Simon

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