Clean Energy or Money Grab


Our provincial government hiked the cost of electricity that many people can no longer afford to power their homes. These crazy high electricity prices are inducing people to change from unaffordable electric heat to much more affordable gas heat. This seems logical especially since getting a gas line from Enbridge is free to anyone looking to get gas service. However, the provincial government,  in a sneaky move just approved insanely high rates to install gas lines. The average home pays over $2,000 plus tax to have a gas line installed. I even have a customer who was told that a gas line would cost almost $30,000.
Clearly, our government does not care about efficiency, only revenue and is opening every avenue to take money from hard working Ontarians.
I am so upset about this massive barrier the provincial governemt has placed in front of those wishing to conserve electricity.
I have alot to share with you about this issue. Please let me know if you want more information.


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