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Carbon Monoxide Kills. This could happen to you.

November 1, 2017

You got to read what happened to my BIL last night.  

It’s 2:55 am and I’m writing to you from Kimball hospital emergency room. 

Me and my family are thankful to be alive. We had a very big nes.

At around 11:45 tonight we were awoken to the smoke detector ringing and announcing “carbon monoxide”. Initially I was going to ignore it, shut it off and go back to sleep. I climbed up to try to shut off the detector and noticed a small sticker that said “you cannot smell or see carbon monoxide. If your carbon monoxide detector rings call the fire department immediately”. I still was hesitant so I called Chaveirim but they said that they can’t take responsibility and I should call the FD. We woke all the kids and took them into the car and called 911. A few minutes later Hatzola and the fire men arrived. Two fire men walked into my house and immediately told us to stand back as there is a very high level of CM in my house. 30 is considered dangerous and their meters read 120!! 

Hatzola advised us to take everyone to the hospital to get checked out. We came here and they took blood from each of us. All of our blood was high with gas! We were all put on oxygen and that’s where we are now at 2:30 am. 

I think I can easily say that if not for the רבש״ע watching us from above… who knows..It would have been a very sad story .