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Wynne’s Green Revolution – Hold On To Your Wallets

May 16, 2016

Today in The Globe and Mail, it was reported that the Wynne Liberals, intend to spend 7 BILLION DOLLARS of your money over 4 years to slash Ontario’s carbon footprint. How will they do this? Well, the article in today’s paper exposes the secret 57 page Climate Change Action Plan that the Wynne government intends to execute. It is a sweeping 80 policies grouped into 32 actions that will cost our province as a whole and all of us individuals huge money in the next 20 years.

I am really interested in hearing from all my friends how they feel about this initiative and how it will impact Ontarians. Please read the Globe article and let me know what you think.

I am very concerned about electricity becoming unaffordable for average consumers over this period of time. One main change the Wynne government intends to impose on Ontarians is outlawing any form of the affordable natural gas heat we now heavily rely upon and force consumers and businesses to heat their homes with electricity. Whether by forcing them into extremely expensive electric, heat pump or geo thermal heat pump based heating systems, our costs will skyrocket.

We were recently hit with a massive rate increase because we were using “too little” electricity and the poor electricity generation monopolies complained of insufficient profit because of their reduced sales that were directly impacted by the installation of so many high efficiency systems across Ontario.

Now Wynne has the ideal plan to ensure that the electricity monopolies get the profits they want. By forcing every home and business to heat with electricity, the demand for electricity will skyrocket, and of course the rates will skyrocket as well, but the consumer will be severely battered on all levels. Firstly, the cap and trade tax which will raise the price of everything, then our heating systems will change to electricity which will drastically increase our heating costs and to make it even worse, our electricity rates will skyrocket.

I am very concerned that living in Ontario will become unaffordable for the average working class family. How many of us can afford to increase our budgets by 30%? I believe conservatively that this will be the cost of these revolutionary changes.

But as a heating and air conditioning contractor who is also an Accredited Geothermal Designer and Installer, I must thank the Wynne liberals for ensuring that every heating and air conditioning system in Ontario will require changing to very costly new systems in short order. This will definitely keep us contractors very busy and very profitable.


Jack Simon for President

November 23, 2012

Hello Friends,

I am pleased to announce that Jack Simon has been appointed as interim Board Member for the ClimateCare Coop. ClimateCare is a Coop of high end contractors that subscribe to a strict regimen of high quality, training and accountability to our customers, suppliers, and employees. Jack will be part of a director team that will provide the vision to help our group face the challenges of 2013 and grow us as leaders in the HVAC and Indoor Air Quality industry.

Google SEO – Getting to the Top of Google

January 2, 2011

I learnt many important factors that Google uses to rank your website.

One very important tool to use is Google Places. Google is just starting to place the websites  in Google Places before the search results. This means that if you don’t show up in places, you will be on the second page. When was the last time you selected on a link on the second page of Google?

Setting up a profile on Google Places is easy. I uploaded 10 photos, 2 videos and a coupon. Make sure that your profile is 100% complete. After filling out all my Profile, my website started coming up on the first page of a Google search. This tells me that google wants a full profile in places, so go do this for your website right now or leave a comment for help and I will help you.

Click here to see my Google Places profile and let me know what you think of it.

Website Updated

December 30, 2010

Hello Friends,

We are working hard on our website. Most of our improvement to date has been behind the scenes on SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. This is getting your site ranked high on Google and other search engines so that your website will show up on top when someone searches for your products and services.

At first this tech talk was foreign to me, but after a little bit of research, I found how easy it is to supercharge our site. Now for most search terms, Premi-AirClimateCare is in the top 3 for most HVAC related searches.

Our next stage is making our site more dynamic and exciting. We intend to post coupons for discounted service rates, indoor air quality products and other special offers only available to our web subscribers.

Please check out our website at and let me know what you think of it. If you want tips on optimizing your website, leave a comment on my blog and I will be happy tp provide more detail.

My Latest Ad Thornhill Liberal – October 21, 2010

October 25, 2010

At ClimateCare, we are your personal climate experts on all things air. This includes heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality and even Radon Testing.
What do think of this ad?

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My Latest Ad in The Thornhill Liberal – October 14

October 24, 2010

Please tell me what you think of it. We are your friendly neighbourhood contractors who care about you as our friends and neighbours?

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Introducing Steve, our new team member and Blogger!

June 28, 2010

Premi-air CLIMATECARE is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen McGann to our residential sales team.  Stephen has extensive experience as an HVAC professional and is highly regarded by his industry peers.  He has been in the HVAC industry for 30 years starting part time with the Consumers’ Gas Company. He quickly moved up the ranks to reach the highly respected position of Special Fitter and ultimately was promoted to Technical Supervisor of the customer service department.  Feeling the need to expand his technical and managerial experience he joined a local Toronto based HVAC Company as their Service Operations Manager and stayed there until Sears Canada asked him to join their team as their HVAC Technical manager and all around technical guru. He leveraged all of his strengths and experiences as a key HVAC team member to help grow the Sears business across all of Canada. Stephen has dedicated his HVAC career to helping customers and believes his new position at Premi-air is an excellent fit in helping customers wade through all of the technological changes and efficiency improvements when deciding on which best equipment choices to make when replacing their HVAC systems.  

I am also very pleased to announce that Stephen has agreed to join me as a co-blogger and will be chiming in from time to time with helpful information for all of our customers.

ClimateCare Part 3

June 24, 2010

The third strategy is sharing. There are so many things that need to get done in a business. No business owner has time to accomplish all of his/her goals. Our group divides the many jobs amongst our members into committees who tackle issues and shares their accomplishments with the group. For instance, one committee might source out the best supplier for cellphones while another group might source out the best supplier of uniforms. Other committees arrange for training the group in any issue that we feel is important.

At our last meeting, we had a fabulous training seminar on the new requirement to include an harassment policy as mandated by the new Bill 168.

So, as you can see, by caring and sharing with each other, our group can go a lot further than any one member would be able to go on his/her own.

I am proud to be a member of this group and I am proud to be associated with the many special, wonderful and professional people who make this group so remarkable.

As a member of ClimateCare, I have learnt and continue to learn how to service my customers better.

Please visit the ClimateCare website to learn more about us.

ClimateCare Part 2

June 23, 2010

The second strategy is Glenn Mellors. Glenn is an expert on HVAC businesses and is available to work one on one with each member to help them improve and to help them overcome any specific challenge that they may have. This mentoring is highly motivational and we are always eager and excited for our next visit from Glenn.

Tomorrow, I will present the third strategy.

ClimateCare Part 1

June 22, 2010

I promised to tell you all about ClimateCare.

ClimateCare is a cooperative of HVAC contractors that work together as a group to raise the bar in all aspects of the HVAC business. This includes quality of service, training of technicians, business practices, honesty and integrity. Each member company is audited yearly to ensure compliance with all the relevant safety, quality and business best practices. We are all held accountable by each other to maintain the highest level of performance. In order to achieve these lofty goals, there are three main strategies. Firstly, we meet for 2 days 4 times each year. During these meetings, training is provided to each member on any current and relevant issues to our industry. At these meeting all of us are able to share ideas during informal social time that allow each member to benefit from the great ideas put forth by the group. It is at these social events that I gain the most since everyone in the group is so friendly and eager to help every member.

In the next post, I will discuss the second strategy.